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Roborock Dyad Pro Combo

No one likes mopping the floor, so that’s why upright vacuum-mops have exploded in popularity. But even these floor washers have limits; the biggest downside was that they’re not designed to be standalone vacuums. That all changes with the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo, a two or even three in one device that lets you mop, but also gives you access to a dedicated vacuum now too. This is the third Dyad model in as many years, so what’s new and different here, does it do a better job cleaning, and what is it NOT good at. I’ll test it out on camera for you to see then I’ll wrap up the pros and cons and let you know if I think this is a good floor cleaning solution for you.

Roborock Dyad Pro Combo


The Roborock Dyad Pro Combo is an effective mop and vacuum combo, with a well design cleaning system.  However, the history of the brand suggests that the next iteration of the Dyad Pro will be more well-rounded, if you can afford to wait just a little longer.


  • Effective mop
  • Solid battery life
  • Light vacuum capacity


  • Storage and docking feels like a design afterthought


Roborock Dyad Pro Combo review: what you get

Back in 2022, Roborock announced a new vacuum product called the Roborock Dyad. The vacuum is named after its breakthrough technology called DyadPower which utilizes a unique triple roller system promising to “vanquish wet and dry messes.” Last year, I tried using the original Roborock Dyad and found that it mostly delivered on that promise. A full year later, Roborock released a revised model called the Roborock Dyad Pro which offered better suction power, a new cleanser tank, mop drying functionality, and longer battery life. However, as I pointed out in my review, I wasn’t a fan of Roborock not solving the weight problem and instead slightly adding to it.

Surprisingly, Roborock announced a third member of the Roborock Dyad series. A Roborock Dyad Pro Max perhaps? Nope! Meet the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo – a refined Roborock Dyad Pro with some big extras.
What’s New with Roborock Dyad Pro Combo? Now a mop and stick vacuum
At a quick glance, the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo looks like a Roborock Dyad Pro with a few additional parts. In a nutshell you’re getting a upright wet vac-mop, plus a separate cordless stick vacuum, and the key parts are interchangeable.

Thanks to these enhancements, Roborock boasts this package is a “5-in-1 combo vacuum” But I dispute that tally. I get Roborock is hoping to make this Pro Combo version more valuable, but I count three basic devices here: a wet dry mop-vac, a stick vacuum and a handheld vacuum. Counting the additional attachments you can clip on as a different device feels like a stretch. But let’s look at how it all comes together.
If you look closely, the motor head has a handle in the front because you can now remove it and hook it up to any of the extra accessories bundled in the combo: Remove the motor, add the small dustbin, the extension wand and the motorized cleaning head and you have a fully portable dedicated stick vacuum…Which you can use with a few other attachments…

What’s striking about the new Dyad Pro Combo is how Roborock is tackling my issue with the Roborock Dyad Pro’s heavyweight. Roborock’s powerful motor, onscreen display, tank, and battery are found in this body and the combo upgrade lets you cut back on the weight by swapping the bulky body with something lighter.

Let’s unbox and have a look at what you can hook up to this unit.

Handheld vacuum + attachments

Roborock Dyad Pro


Motorized Mini-Brush

Once you connect the Motorized Mini-Brush attachment to the motor head, the vacuum instantly feels like a hand vacuum specializing in small-space debris and dust. Cleaning a chair or a car was never in the Dyad Pro’s résumé so I’m happy to see Roborock adding this capability. gaining battery life you have in cleaning those surfaces.

Crevice tool

Roborock Dyad Pro

The 2-in-1 Cleaning Head is very much your average dual purpose crevice tool and dusting brush. But again, this used to be a limitation of the floor-focused Roborock Dyad Pro and not everyone is a fan of taking out a hand vacuum to clean up that mess and then worrying about charging that too. The Dyad Pro has incredible suction power and Roborock just brought that power to its crevice cleaning and dedusting capabilities.

What’s new with the dock?

The Roborock Dyad Pro Combo now features an expanded dock to provide storage for all these attachments. You can dock the Multi-Surface Brush upright giving off this illusion that you own two vacuums. I wouldn’t describe a fully loaded dock as elegant, but having all the tools in one convenient spot helps a lot when you need to clean various areas.

On frustration is that I couldn’t put the vacuum back in the dock and have it stay there, since it’s far too heavy for the included bracket; you must remove the motor handle and reattach it to the mopping unit and set the dustbin on its sad little plate on the base. Now while everything does certainly have its place on the dock, I will reiterate that this is a rather inelegant solution.

Cleaning tests

Roborock Dyad Pro



I’m going to start with the new toy on my cleaning tests; the stick vacuum. If you’ve seen any of my vacuum reviews before, you’ll know I have a series of dedicated tests every every single one goes through; I sprinkle finer spills like flour or sugar, medium sized bits like rice or oatmeal, and larger cracker pieces or cereal on both carpet and hard floors to see how well it cleans.

I started with simple day to day cleaning. It did a good job at picking up basic day-to-day debris including dog hair tumbleweeds and dropped bits around the kitchen.

I put it through the dedicated cleaning tests and was really, really impressed; the vacuum picked up all of my test spills mostly in one pass. It was easily able to handle everything from finer spills to Corser or flatter stuff on both carpet and hard floors with absolute ease. I can also say the vacuum is not extremely loud; it makes noise of course, but it is not nearly as loud as some other upright vacuums I have tried. I will call out a couple of places I think Roborock rock can improve in the future. Because there is no anti-tangle technology on the brush head, longer hair does get wrapped around it and in this house that requires regular maintenance. Your mileage may vary.

I also found that the motorized vacuum head did not play nicely with flat rugs.

A frequent trap for it was pulling in the corner of a rug from time to time, but it won’t vacuum at all on flat rugs like Ruggables; it pulls the rug into the motor head which shuts it down immediately, requiring you to restart the vacuum. That means it’s no good on a huge percentage of the rugs I would want to use it on.

On plusher carpet it is actually fine; no stalls and minimal problems. So whether or not this vacuum can hold up to the tasks in your house may depend on what type of rugs you have.

Small vacuum capacity

Roborock Dyad Pro Combo review


The vacuum canister doesn’t hold very much; the capacity is 465ml/15 ounces.

When the dust bin was full, I couldn’t actually figure out how to empty it. While it was easy enough to separate the canister from the motor, and to remove the filter, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to empty the bin. Rather amazingly there is no set of instructions for how to do this. I finally found something in a supplemental card tucked in amongst the instructions. There’s a small red handle in laid into the top of the dustbin around the filter. It actually pulls up, though it does take a decent amount of force to remove it, which is why I couldn’t get it open the first time I tried this. I kept at it, and I was sure I was going to end up with dust thrown all over the room like that old comedy gag.

With the core of the dustbin removed you can simply tip the bin into the wastebasket.

This brings me to another issue with this device that did turn into a bit of a comedy gag; the dustbin cannister doesn’t attach very cleanly to the motor; it seems to require a lot of fiddling and fussing and even when it appears everything is lined up correctly, you may find that it is not securely attached. On more than one occasion the handle came away from the dust bin just as I was starting to work. And at one point while I was recording my cleaning tests and attempting to demonstrate this very feature, the bin snap away from the motor and fell to the floor, scattering the contents all over the place.

The bottom line for me here is that this feels a little like an imperfect hack on the engineers part that is not ideal for the consumer. I hope in future versions of this the pieces fit together more purposefully.


I’m actually not going to spend a lot of time detailing the mopping here; You can check out my full review of the Dyad Pro to see it in action, and with strong suction, clean water and cleanser combining to both suction up spills of all kinds easily and efficiently, it’s a dynamite floor washer.

I can tell you that despite making the mechanical changes to how this unit operates, the mopping prowess remains amazing. This device is able to pull up both wet and dry spills, making it ideal for something like a bowl of cereal that hit the ground. While dry messes do mix in with the liquid and create an unpleasant mess in the dirty water tank, it’s easy enough to empty, and a special screening system inside helps you separate the liquid from the solids so you can simply toss the solids into the garbage can.

Of course as you likely already know, the vacuum mop will clean itself after each use and even dry the roller rollers to keep them from getting musty. All that you need to do is keep the freshwater tank full of clean water and the dirty water tank empty on a regular basis.

Battery life & runtime

Roborock Dyad Pro

The Dyad Pro Combo will give you about 43 minutes of runtime on a charge, when using the vet-dry vac-mop, which in my testing was plenty of time to do the whole house. When using the vacuum attachments you’ll get up to 60 minutes.

Overall Review: Roborock Dyad Pro Combo

With such a big change to the Roborock Dyad Pro combo, I believe Roborock should have called the Dyad Pro Combo something else to position itself as a superior choice over the Dyad Pro. But I’m not in marketing so…
Let’s go over the pros and cons of this device to help you determine if it’s going to be right for you.

On the pro side, it’s an extremely effective mop, and does a great job suctioning up spills and polishing floors clean with its unique combination of clean waterflow, soap dispenser and a dirty water tank you can dump out. The battery life is solid too.

Another pro is that you are getting a lot more with this kit… like the vacuum, which actually does a good job at both light household vacuuming tasks and bigger messes too.

The biggest downsides with this device are that it feels like a second device has been kind of tacked on, what with the halfhearted storage and docking for the vacuum, and ill-fitting dustbin, plus the smaller canister and awkward canister plug.

I’m going to say I can recommend the Dyad Pro Combo if this checks all the boxes for you, but I suspect there will be a newer and improved version of this model if recent history is any indication, so if this is an aspiration, not a must-have now, I’d say you can wait and possible get an even more improved version next year.

Roborock Dyad Pro Combo sells for about $659USD but the Canadian price is not disclosed as of the day I recorded this video, but I think it will be around $849CAD.

Determining whether the Roborock Dyad Pro Combo is good value is a bit more challenging because you must evaluate if these improvements justify the $210 USD price increase over the Dyad Pro. $659.99 might be too steep of a price to pay compared to buying separate vacuum products but fortunately, Roborock offers discounts from time to time.

Be sure to check out my Roborock Dyad Pro review to see how its core features perform because you still want to base your final purchasing decision on that aspect as the money you are spending goes to that proprietary DyadPower technology found on the main body.

Shop Roborock Dyad Pro Combo on Amazon, Walmart, or the Roborock store.


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