YEEDI C12 PRO+ vs YEEDI M12 PRO+ : how to choose?


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Yeedi m12 pro vs Yeedi c12 proAmazon Prime day is a great time of year to shop for a robot vacuum. But how do you know what to choose? I recently reviewed two bots from YEEDI that definitely need to be on your shortlist. Both because they’re solid performers and because they’re on sale for a short time. Let’s take a look at YEEDI M12 PRO+ and the YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS and the full reviews are linked there.  And stick with me to find out about the special Prime Day pricing, and the best Yeedi coupon codes you can use for the biggest savings of the year from July 8-15, 2024. A quick note that I’d like to thank YEEDI for sponsoring this post. While they are paying for my time with this video and want me to share this information with my audience, they have not told me what I have to say or what I can’t say about their robot so you can consider this comparison my own.

YEEDI C12 PRO+ vs YEEDI M12 PRO+ : how to choose?

While obviously targeting different crowds, both vacuums share plenty of YEEDI-specific features in common. These YEEDI vacuums use anti-tangling V-shaped brushes, rely on the same YEEDI app which can map your home fairly quickly, and they both have a 5,200mAh batteries.

Let’s see what sets each one apart…


Underside of YEEDI M12 PRO + robot showing plush pads.

Yeedi M12 PRO+

The YEEDI M12 PRO+ is YEEDI’s flagship robot vacuum/mop with a surprisingly vast feature set and some powerful specs—all while costing less than a lot of its competition.

Here’s the key features that make this robot vacuum stand out.

Powerful Suction & Zero tangles

At maximum power, the YEEDI M12 PRO+ is can reach a suction rating of 11,000 pascals which is far more powerful than many of the other robot vacuums commanding four-digit price tags. High suction power is crucial for picking up large piles of dust and tiny particles on carpets and hardwood floors as well as stubborn pet hair.

Plus with Zero Tangle technology, it’s great for homes with long haired humans— or pets!

Reaching Mop, Lifting Mop, Self-cleaning

YEEDI crammed plenty of mopping features into the M12 PRO+. The dual microfiber spinning pads do a decent job mopping and when the going gets tough on the corners and edges, one of the spinning pads can extend its reach to mop those spots. Whenever the YEEDI M12 PRO+ approaches a carpeted area, the vacuum can automatically lift the mopping pads to prevent those fuzzy surfaces from contamination. And speaking of contaminated mops, the YEEDI base station can wash the mopping pads with hot water and air to prepare for the next mopping run.

Clever Base Station

The YEEDI M12 PRO+ base station is attractively smaller than other vacuums’ base stations in their class. Surprisingly, YEEDI didn’t strip away any essential features either. The station features a dual chamber design with a 4-liter clean water tank and a 3.5-liter dirty water tank. The station’s body also houses a 3.4-liter dust bag.

There’s one more cool feature the YEEDI M12 has worth mentioning. It’s just a nudge from your foot as you pass by you can start a cleaning session.

Watch my full review of YEEDI M12 PRO+


Yeedi c12 Por +If the YEEDI M12Pro+ is the flagship, the YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS is a more budget-friendly choice. Although the price point this targets comes with compromises, the C12 PRO PLUS still offers a complete checklist of a modern robot cleaner.

Great suction

With a suction power rating of 8,000Pa, the C12 PRO PLUS can outperform some other robot cleaners costing twice as much. This means the vacuum won’t struggle hard surfaces and thick carpets alike which is impressive given the price.

Swappable Vacuum Bins

Like more expensive robot cleaners, the YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS can both vacuum and mop floors. Just swap the plates to vacuum only, or add the mopping plate to both vacuum and mop together.

Bagless Dust Canister

Once the YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS accumulates enough dust and debris, the vacuum will head back to the docking station and unload its dust bin to the 1.5-liter dust canister built right into the docking station.  Unlike many robot vacuums this cannister can be easily emptied into a garbage bin, and has no need to purchase replacement dust bags.

Watch my full review of YEEDI C12 PRO+

Overall Thoughts

The YEEDI M12 PRO+ and YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS have regular prices of cost $1099 and $599 USD respectively making this duo a formidable force in the budget robot cleaner segment. YEEDI clearly positions the M12 PRO+ as an affordable Swiss-army knife style robot cleaner while the C12 PRO PLUS is the more affordable cousin that still gets the job done.

Either one you choose, keeping it clean and in good working order will ensure your bot continues to serve you for years to come.

Best YEEDI C12 PRO+ and YEEDI M12 PRO+ Coupon Discount Codes

The YEEDI M12 PRO+  has a regular price of $1099US and YEEDI C12 PRO PLUS is $599 USD.

The best pricing of the year is happening from July 8-15, 2024 as part of Amazon Prime Day: Right now the YEEDI M12 PRO +is on sale for $899USD and there’s an additional $150 coupon on Amazon so you can save even more. That adds up to 39% off!  But if you want bigger savings, use my exclusive Coupon/Promo code tgM12pro! With that you can get $430 off the regular MSRP of $1099,making the final price just $669!

If the YEEDI C12 PRO + is your pick, it’s on sale too; just $499USD and this one also has a special Amazon coupon for an additional $110 off. But with my exclusive Coupon/Promo code tgC12pro, you can get $250 off the regular price of $599, making the final price just $349!

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