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Many people have decided to ditch razors and waxing for various hair removal devices that work quickly and don’t cause pain or leave markings on their skin. One of the latest devices to hit the market is FOREO’s PEACH 2 hair removal device. The company deems this device fast, simple, and effective.  Read our Foreo peach 2 review .

Let’s start,

What is it and how does it work?

FOREO says the PEACH 2 offers more power and better intense pulsed light (IPL) technology than the first generation of the device (and other devices on the market). In addition, it is manufactured with its own skin cooling system to prevent pain and discomfort during treatment. The device is able to deliver an impressive 120 flashes each minute and can reportedly deliver up to 500,000 flashes.

The PEACH 2  Foreo is made with a 9-square centimeter “treatment window,” which is quite a bit larger than its competitors. Made of silicone, the flexible head on the device ensures users are able to reach all areas of the body they want to remove hair from – including curvatures.

What is IPL hair removal and is it safe?

In general, IPL can be used for a wide variety of skin treatments and conditions including the reduction of age spots, wrinkles, and varicose veins. It has also become quite popular for hair removal in the last several years. It is marketed as a non-invasive and safe way to remove hair and prevent it from growing back as quickly as it does using other hair removal mechanisms such as razors and wax. IPL can be used in many areas of the body including the face and underarms.

When used correctly and as per the instructions, Foreo peach 2 advance IPL hair removal device is safe and effective. These hair removal devices also typically do not require any sort of care after usage. Any device of this sort comes with a warning of side effects like burning, bruising, and blistering, but following the instructions properly will generally prevent these issues.

IPL vs. Laser Treatment

Both IPL and laser treatments work to reach the melanin in hair follicles and get rid of the hair, but there are some differences. IPL therapy is similar to laser therapies but it projects multiple wavelengths of light at the skin instead of just one wavelength. It is also able to reach the dermis (second layer of skin) without damaging the epidermis (top layer of skin). In addition, IPL utilizes a broadband pulsed light instead of a monochromatic light source like laser technology.

Why are there T-Sonic pulsations in the PEACH 2?

FOREO peach 2 is well-known for using T-Sonic pulsations, which is short for Transdermal-Sonic pulsations. Simply put, these pulsations are able to pass through outer layers of skin and “channel a low frequency massage to help relax facial and neck muscle tension points, and improve blood flow.” Also, these pulsations are able to dilate pores (just temporarily!), which allows the light to pass through without causing clogged pores. Possible benefits of this technology include the reduction of wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness as well as the relaxation of tension points and an overall improvement to the skin.

What areas of the body can you use the PEACH 2 on?

When first introduced to the market, many at-home hair removal devices had warnings against using them on certain areas of the body, but newer devices like the PEACH 2 Foreo can be used on even some of the most sensitive areas including the face, underarm, and bikini area. Of course, it can also be used on the arms, legs, and other extremities where users have unwanted hair.

What are the steps to use the Foreo PEACH 2?

Before using the Foreo PEACH 2 advance IPL hair removal device, it is important to cover up any birthmarks, tattoos, or moles. If you prefer, you can wear sunglasses during the process, but they are not required.

First, users should shave and clean the area(s) that the PEACH 2 will be used on. Dermaplaning facial hair while shaving the rest of the body as needed is recommended. The skin should be cleaned and then dried. Before grabbing the device, users also need to massage the FOREO PEACH Cooling Prep Gel very well into their skin.

Once the skin is prepped, the intensity needs to be selected on the device. There are five intensity levels ranging from 1 (least intense) to 5 (most intense). It is recommended to start at a lower intensity and gradually increase it as long as there is no discomfort. The treatment window should then be placed directly and firmly onto the treatment area(s). For smaller areas such as the bikini area, the flash button should be pressed once quickly (deemed the “stamp mode”). For larger areas, the flash button should be held firmly as the device is moved around the skin (known as the “glide mode”).

Experienced users can generally complete a full body treatment in around ten minutes.

How often should I use the PEACH 2?

Everyone’s hair growth is different, so it is impossible to know how often someone should use the Foreo PEACH 2 hair removal device. However, based on average hair growth and general phases of it, the device should be used at least every two weeks for at least twelve weeks.

See my Youtube Short on using the FOREO PEACH 2:


Shop the FOREO PEACH 2 from Foreo’s website.

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